4 different flavours for your palate to enjoy!

Our cream cheese-style spreads are cultured using traditional cheese-making methods with freshly ground cashews, almonds and natural ingredients. 

The Classic.

Creamy, indulgent and irresistible, Pa'lais Blanc is terrific on toast, splendid in a sandwich, and cracking on crackers. You can cook with it too — try it in a lasagne or a cheesecake, or as a topping on pancakes or pizzas. Treat your tastebuds to a treat.

The spicier one.

Sweet like mango. Hot like chili. Pa'lais Jaune adds a fruity twist to freshly baked flatbreads, snazzes up your starters, and remixes your favourite recipes in a sweet and sour style. Take a stroll on the spicy side of life.

The fresher one.

Clean, light and aromatic. With its delicate blend of cucumber and chives, Pa'lais Vert gives your snacks and meals a gentle lift. Eat it neat spread on a baguette, enliven a verrine, or bring the best out of seasonal vegetables. Take time to savour the sophisticated flavour. 

Our products are certified organic.


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